The International Conference for Graduate students on Diverse Approaches to Linguistics (IGDAL*) aims to encourage an open dialogue among young scholars from diverse perspectives in linguistics. IGDAL 6, held at the University of Haifa in April 2018, was the latest iteration in a series of Israeli student organized conferences, beginning with IGDAL 1 (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) in 2011 and followed by IGDAL 2 (Tel Aviv University), IGDAL 3 (Ben Gurion University of the Negev), IGDAL 4 (Bar Ilan University) and IGDAL 5 (Tel Aviv University).

We would like to thank you all for making IGDAL 6 the great success that it was! You can find photos from IGDAL 6 on our Facebook page.

We invite students who wish to carry on the torch and host IGDAL 7 in their own university to contact us:

The organizing committee of IGDAL 6: Inbar Artzi, Gal Belsitzman, Yotam Ben Moshe, Niveen Omar and Nikolaus Wildner.

* IGDAL is a Hebrew word which means ‘grow-3.SG.MS-FUT ‘

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